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Teamwork makes the Dream work”



Text Box: The Future of America Athletic Department is comprised of student athletes who strive to achieve excellence academically and athletically by working together as a team to provide support as a resource to there peers and their communities.  Participating in a variety of sporting events from basketball tournaments to sports skills and training camps the student athletes receive physical conditioning and expert sporting instruction and training while remaining on top of their games in the classroom setting as well. 
Text Box: In addition to participating in various sporting activities the students involved in Future of America’s Athletic Department get the rare opportunity to experience the production side of these events.  Participating in the construction of budgets, fundraising, and working together in the event planning arena to produce quality events while building teamwork, cooperation, time management, and leadership skills.  The student athletes of the Athletic Department benefit from the fine tuning of their cooperation skills as well as the rewarding feeling of achieving success and positive results from hard work and dedication.

Future of America

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