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Future of America is a nonprofit organization focused on building programs that offer resources to children in order to ensure that they have the proper tools to become successful members of their communities.

Our mission at Future of America is to guide children towards their dreams and aspirations.  We at Future of America believe that children can be whatever they dream of being as long as they are given the proper tools to nourish those dreams.

By setting up mentoring, tutoring, and academic advising programs, along with field trips, scholarships, community projects, internships, summer jobs, and educational and recreational groups and activities, we plan to make the path to success an easier path traveled.

All of our programs are constructed by a collaboration of company directors and staff members called our strategic business unit.  This unit consists of key personnel  in different departments who come together to bring different elements of research, marketing, education, and recreation to each program.

At Future of America we transmit our desire through our staff members and programs by building a strong bond with the children that will take them from their beginning days in the educational system through high school and all the way to college and beyond. 

Our progression is parallel with the growth of the community and it’s children.  It is this way of thinking that allows us to ensure a better future for our communities and our America